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I have always been obsessed with the lives of musicians. From reading biographies about deportees Kurt Cobain, Keith Richards and David Bowie to doing anything I can to get backstage to feel like I was part of the band. The time just before and after a show is my most favourite, there is always a buzz no matter how small or large the occasion.

Tonight I am hanging with Deena on the night of her new single launch at the Brisbane’s Black Bear Lodge. I get there just as the band is arriving to set up for sound check. Deena is bright and chirpy obviously excited about the night. Tonight she is really in the spotlight as she is also filming a mini documentary (complete with professional make up…I am told that this is defiantly not a common occurrence).


It’s cool to think that being a muso is all about getting to the show just before you start and having a few drinks backstage while your cronies get everything organised onstage ready for your grand entrance. This may be the case for the U2’s of the world but for the majority of working musicians it is more about getting to the venue early in the afternoon, lugging all of your gear up onstage yourself and going through an arduous process of getting your sound perfect for the drunken punters that may not even know the difference.  But, I can tell that Deena wants the best for her audience and makes sure that everything is perfect before retiring for some much deserved eats before the show.

Speaking with Deena is a humbling experience. She tells me that she only started dabbling in music a few years ago after the tragic death of a dear friend. It was this moment that brought on a new emotional outlet in the form of writing and composing music. She started recording a few songs and played them to friends who encouraged her to play some live shows. The live experience brought a whole new level of enjoyment for Deena and may be one of the reasons why she coins her music ‘my baby’. She talks about her music the way that you do about an important dependency that supports you emotionally and gives your life meaning.


Deena (like the majority of musicians) is not able to support herself with her music yet. She works two different jobs during the week to support her ‘baby’, one of which is a business analyst, a fortuitous skill to support exposure of her amazing talents as a musician. She of course would love for her music to support her financially but at this stage is happy for it to be a vehicle to travel, meet amazing people and be an emotional support system.

Watching the sound check is a great example of how much Deena cares for her baby. She plays the sound check if there was a packed house, she is totally lost in her music and you can feel the support that it must give her in all parts of her life.

Thanks for letting me into your world for a few hours Deena. Get ready to see a lot more of attention really soon. I believe your ‘baby’ is going to get you to amazing places and it will support you to do and receive everything you want from this life.


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