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On Saturday night RUFUS played to a sold out Brisbane Riverstage crowd. As you can see from the cover shot they were very warmly received by a crowd that came ready to dance.

As we arrived Bob Moses was halfway through their set and, judging by the atmosphere, the perfect accompaniment for what was to come. Bob Moses had just the right balance of down and up tempo tunes to have the crowd at their peak before the entrance of the main act. The version of Tearing me up was seven and a half minutes of pure live gold. The crowd responded with vigor to every tempo change and by the end the place was heaving with excitement. Below is a shot of the crowd during the last Bob Moses track illustrating the readiness of the Riverstage punters.


The last time I saw RUFUS was in 2013 at the Byron Bay Falls Festival. They played one of those sets where about halfway through everyone gets out their phones for one of those collective festival texts to their mates proclaiming ‘get over here, RUFUS is killing it’. Rather than go into detail about how the crowd reacted that day you can find evidence of the madness below.


On Saturday, as RUFUS hit the Riverstage the crowd is heaving. Their stage is quite minimally set up. The focus is making sure the light show is obvious for the 8000 fans stretching high up the Riverstage hill. The screams from up front are deafening as the band walk into their three positions at the front of the stage.

Right from the first note you can tell this is going to be an amazing set. All of the songs are kicked off with a build that keeps the audience guessing right up until the songs beat becomes obvious.  Each song, new and old, is welcomed with a deafening roar.

I love the fact that the boys set up the stage all in a line. No one is more important than the other and everyone has killer lighting to make sure the crowd interact with all of the band. Even the drummer has pride and place in the front row (this was an amazing opportunity to grab some epic drummer shots, something that is rare in the world of music photography). Tyrone Lindqvist (vocals and guitar) provides just the right amount of narrative to the event proclaiming his love for the crowd in a real way. A few songs into the set he explains the bands plan to unleash the entire new album upon the venue (something they had been holding off on their recent world tour). Tyrone’s stage presence in the large venue is one of a veteran artist. The crowd hangs on every word, especially when he announces “you guys are looking so beautiful, I think I am going to have to join you for a dance on this one”.


Song of the night has to go to Interbloom. It has this ethereal build up and thoughtful and engaging lyrics reminiscent of a catchy Chemical Brothers tune. Only better ;). With the line “I’ve given all I’ve got” the song breaks down into slow build with the whole crowd clapping along and anticipating a drop that sent the Riverstage crowd into a frenzy. Hopefully the shot below goes someway to transporting you to the madness that ensued when this song dropped.


RUFUS just kept coming all night. It was one and a half hours of pure dance gold.

I only see bigger and better things for this great band. I am really grateful that it is only a few weeks before I can see them again at The Big Pineapple Festival. 

On behalf of fans everywhere.

Thanks for keeping the dance dream alive RUFUS.

If you want me,

if you need me,

I’m yours.



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