I Was Sent by God to Get You Off

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I hope the title doesn’t put you off. For just one moment I wanted to have a title as cool as Regurgitator.

These lads have been a constant sound in my ears since the release of Tu-Plang back in 1996. They played a significant role in my strangeness growing up and allowed me to question the idea of always acting appropriately in every situation.

As a fresh faced 15 year old in Muswellbrook Regurgitator made it alright to be a little strange. They sang about bongs, video games and fortune cookies…not that I was into that sort of thing.

They were part of the soundtrack of my youth and that’s why it was such an amazing experience to see them still firing on all cylinders at The Big Pineapple Festival. The other amazing thing was that they were playing right before You Am I who were on par with Regurgitator as my most played music of 1996.


I can say with confidence that the guys were better live than I have ever seen before. Ben and Quan have always had a brother like stage presence that draws you in and allows the show to go wherever it needs. From dueling guitars to some bum to bum guitar playing action the show was raw and random. But at the same time the music is tight, loud and exciting.

They have this massive back catalog from the quirky to the downright banging that had everyone bouncing up and down, singing along and shouting out random tracks they wished to hear.  All of the superb lyrics came flooding back to me and as each track finished I racked my brain for the next awesome track that I wanted to hear.

Song of the night had to go to ‘Bong in My Eye’. It has the most amazing riff and break down that had me jumping around like I was back in 1996 (also I just love hearing a massive crowd yelling ‘i have a bong in my eye’). I also loved the moment that Ben announced “this song is about a fortune cookie” and then launches into a most amazing version of Kong Foo Sing.

Photography can never fully recreate a gig experience (that is why everyone is so full on about video these days). But I hope the photos go someway to transporting you to the gig experience and motivates you to, very soon, get to a Regurgitator gig. There are some amazing new acts coming through these days but having the opportunity to see a band that have been together for over twenty years and still performing at this level is a sight to behold. It is a feeling of pure randomness and at any stage anyone in the band could take the mood somewhere else and it would carry on tight, loud and amazing.


My only hope is that these rockers continue to do what they do until I can show my girls (2 and 4) how great they are. This is how bands are supposed to play and “I Like It Like That”.


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