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paul dempsey and olympia complement each other perfectly

A star on the rise and an Australian rock superman was on show at a packed Triffid on Friday night. I haven’t seen the crowd that excited for a long time.

Olympia hit the stage early and The Triffid crowd is already making it hard to maneuver and even harder to get a spot near all the action. The voice, the melodies and the look all come together perfectly tonight for Olympia. This act continues to provide enigmatic shows with songs appearing on the Australian music scene as instant classics. The last two tracks of the night ‘Tourists‘ and ‘Smoke Signals‘  leave everyone with Olympia firmly on their mind.

Paul Dempsey’s voice has been in my ears since Something for Kate’s Elsewhere for 8 Minutes . He has always had an edge above; his music is an escape. Every time I hear a Something for Kate track I am immediately transported back to a time of indulgence and excess i.e. university. I love the fact that music that was such a big part of my life continues can be refashioned and invites me into exploring how far Dempsey can push his talent.

Paul Dempsey-15

As the man walks on stage everyone already knows this is going to be a great performance. He launches into a number of tracks off the new album with Idiot Oracle the stand out. Dempsey is extremely animated tonight and uses all of the stage throwing his guitar around and connecting with the other parts of the band.

The members of Olympia are back to help Paul onstage tonight and everything is tight, loud and awesome.

Other stand out tracks for the night include Morningless and The True Sea. The stage presence Dempsey has is outrageous. How can one man command so much of a packed room’s attention?

The lyrics on the new album exemplify Dempsey’s reputation as one of the greatest Australian songwriters.  It is the emotional connection that you feel with the music that always gets me. I find myself listening to anything Dempsey touches when I need to take a break from what is going on around me and enter a different (hyper emotional) world of wonder.

“You know I always had a blind spot for you and I guess I still do. I guess I still do.”

Tonight is one of those gigs where you go home ready for what the next week of real world will bring. Thanks to Olympia and Paul for an amazing show and good luck with the remainder of the tour.


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