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What a great random gig to go and shoot. I had no real plans to get there but shot an email to Aiden (Moses Gunn Collective) on a whim.

I have been waiting some time to catch Mid Ayr and was not disappointed with the show. They have this cool mix of melodic notes with erratic guitar and pounding drums that is right up my alley. They played a varied set with a stand out final song of You Think You Know Me. It’s such a cracking finish song..had the audience primed for Moses Gunn Collective.

The lighting at The Brightside gave me quite a test tonight and the old Canon was pushed right to the limit. I focused on the the opportunities that were presented…namely the smoke and the raddest of rad mustaches on the bass player.


I have to admit that I haven’t listened to much Moses Gunn Collective until tonight. I am a fan of The Belligerents and wanted to check out the hype that I had been hearing around Brisbane.

They have certainly built a very nice fan base with The Brightside heaving even before they hit the stage. There was a great rush to get close to the band and get as close to the shirtless Aiden (frontman) as possible.

The band is all decked out in glittering golden apparel with glitter filled faces.

They have certainly nailed the feeling of the loved up crowd and the atmosphere is firmly grounded in the free love movement.

Aiden  is quite the character coming on stage last and spending the first little while tuning the guitar. A little bit of banter came initially from the man announcing that “you need to tune up the guitar before you can start the kumbaya around the campfire”.

Shirtless and sparkly Aiden cuts quite the picture. He has the crowd in the palm of his hands and at one stage even a bra that was thrown on stage.


It has been a little while since I have been in a room with that much love towards the music. It is all fun filled and light with Aiden every now and then coming in with some random banter. Every song is greeted with love and (even though I am a feeling a little old in the loved up crowd) I feel absorbed in the moment and get swept up in the danceathon.

After about the second song photos were pretty futile. The room was filled with smog and i couldn’t even see in my palm in front of my face. Although, it all added to the drama for a memorable Brisbane Friday night out.

I will be paying a bit more attention of this crew now and expect to see them playing to bigger crowds with a much larger loved up crowd surrounding them.


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