The Jungle Giants – Red Deer Festival 2016

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I have to be honest. The Jungle Giants kind of fell off my radar for the last few years. I heard there was an album but didn’t partake for some reason. The last time I saw them was back in 2013 when I was only just starting to pick up a camera and falling over myself because someone would actually give me a media pass. It was a great show but I though that the sound was a little more focused on a younger demographic and didn’t really strike me as something to add to my playlist.

There are a few shots below that at the time I thought was ‘some next level shit’.

Fast forward over three years and I had a great opportunity to be the offical shooter for the Red Deer Festival (blog to follow).

I saw that The Jungle Giants were on the bill, thought that was cool, but still didn’t partake in the new tunes before i arrived.

The band took the stage and the energy they brought was palpable. The live experience has definitely risen a new level over the years and they owned the stage like true professionals. That sound that kicked off the set…full, tight and exhilarating.

There are moments at live shows where you can tell that the band is totally immersed in what they are doing where unchoreographed madness ensues…this was how it was the entire show… Sam Hales is a manic onstage and at one stage unexpectedly throws himself into a spinning dive towards the floor. I only wish i would have known earlier so i could have got a better shot.

Cesira Aitken owned that guitar. The licks were clean and smooth and she prowled the stage with purpose totally immersed in the soundscape. There are moments where the guitar sound is floating up above the remainder of the band and then everything kicks in to create a sound that sucks you in and delights all the senses.


The band runs through a number of new tracks and some killer fresh versions of old tunes to keep the crowd connected and singing along. But, the thing I like most about the set is the fact that there is no single killer part. It is not so much about the songs but the way in which they are delivered and the amazing sound that is coming from each and every minute.

I am a total convert and am currently spinning Speakzoid on Spotify. There is a real kookiness to a number of the tracks but they have a whole lot of character that usually takes other bands decades to achieve.

Yes great show, yes great band…if you were on-board and left I would recommend giving them another crack!

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