GUM at The Foundary

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I arrived at the sold out show just as MOSSY was taking the stage and I am so glad I did. MOSSY played a refreshing set of visceral psychedelic pop tunes whilst hypnotically pacing the stage. The solo set was full of electronic distortion alongside beautiful shimmering vocals and harmonies. MOSSY proved to be a perfect opening for GUM with the crowd sufficiently wired and ready to embrace Jay Watson.

Jay Watson (AKA GUM) piqued my interest many years ago after seeing Tame Impala at an early version of Laneway in Sydney. He has an effortless rhythm in the way he plays music and you can just tell that he fully embraces everything he creates. The pure essence of his casual approach to prominence and pursuit of everything pure is inspiring. There is nothing contrived about his music, everything feels like it is meant to be.

It is very hard to pin down the words to explain the excitement created by the music. Joy, passion and excitement are produced that channel 90’s pop with modern randomness. These kids are defiantly into the vibe tonight.

Jay plays with a full band tonight that perfectly represents the greatness of the recordings and offers the crowd an engaging and rocking performance. I have always loved the way Tame Impala, Pond and anything else that is spawned from this crew transforms the live performance into opportunities to dance and lose yourself in the music.

Leaving the show I am excited by the fact that Jay is only at the very beginning of his career and that many more experimental projects will be available for many years to come.

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