Dappled Cities – The Foundry Brisbane

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The Foundry was in full swing when I arrived with Red Riders intense brand of indie tunes spewing through the venue. This was my time at seeing the reformed band who split in 2011. There was a pure intensity to the show that was much more about having a good time than perfecting the sound. They were defiantly an expressive bunch chatting before each song about its origin and how preparing the audience for how it would sound.

I would welcome more revivals from this sharp sparkly bunch of lads. Some gritty Aus indie to set the stage for Dappled Cities.

The band graced the stage with a bang as one of the guitarists loses his strap taking a while to recalibrate. No real reaction from the band, just a few chuckles and on with the show.

Intense, rhythmic, driving, angular sound are all terms that come to mind when listening to Dappled Cities. They walk a fine balance between contemporary rock/dance and experimental moments of brilliance. The music is tight and it is obvious how enjoyable the new tracks are to play.

The new track Weightless is introduced as a slow burner but well worth the wait. At about 2 minutes in the crowd understands the statement and is drawn into the melodic tune and sweet harmonies. Stone Man is another obvious new favourite with a casual sway in agreement by all The Foundry punters.

The Price was easily the crowd favourite on the night was a small chorus helping the band out. Some classic groovers were transported away with the tune with some wicked moves on display that I have not seen for some time. The mid 30’s crowd seem can still make a move with the millennial around to bring down the mood.

These are the types of gigs that I am drawn to these days. Being a mature gentleman it is so nice to see a group of punters giving each other plenty of room and embracing the band is some sharp-witted (might be a bit of a stretch) banter. Dappled Cities created a wonderfully intimate atmosphere charming with the crowd with everyday conversation in the friendly venue. A good time had by all and maybe a few new Dappled fans developed.

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